Event Security (IESC)

International Events and Security Consultants (IESC), a division of the J Street Group, LLC., offers unique, full service support for international events at the diplomatic, corporate, and high government level.

Our management team is comprised of Debra Schiff, Susan Ralston, and Joe J. Funk.

We are highly experienced professionals who have provided executive security protection, conference and event planning for U.S. Presidents, senior government officials, and foreign leaders including Prime Ministers and Royalty. Our project managers have served in a range of White House Administrations. IESC provides our U.S. and foreign clients unsurpassed expertise and infrastructure for every stage and level of travel, meetings, and events, in the United States and abroad.

  • Corporate Conferences
  • International Meetings
  • Movie Premieres or Screenings
  • Non-Profit Fundraisers
  • Political Fundraisers


We understand the unique requirements that make an event safe and successful because our team is made up of event planners and security specialists who have been responsible for securing some of the most significant and sensitive events in recent history.

Whether it’s the Inauguration of the President and Vice President, a national convention or securing a hotel venue for a company’s international conference, the IESC management team has proven event security planning experience.

Our event security team has planned and coordinated major security events including: presidential inaugurations, world leader summits, regional summits, Presidential and Vice Presidential worldwide travel, national political conventions, corporate events including annual stockholder meetings and travel support to high profile individuals.

An integral part of successful event security planning is access control. The issuance and control of proper credentials is an essential part of our event security plans and is designed to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas at your event site. Our credentialing specialists gained their experience providing state of the art access control while members of the U.S. Secret Service and White House security advance teams. We apply this same technology to your event needs.

Every meeting site, hotel, stadium, convention center, arena or any other venue, because of its physical characteristics and nuances is unique from a security and threat assessment perspective. No checklist or set of guidelines can be all encompassing; therefore we do not limit our site security planning to the confines of any set of guidelines or checklists. All our assessments are conducted and governed by the established U.S. Secret Service standards.

Our experts work closely with each client assisting them in securing and testing the facility’s multi-tiered physical assets. Our experts conduct physical surveys for each site in order to adequately address all security concerns. These “360 degree security” surveys are all encompassing.