International Events

J Street Group works with both international clients as well as domestic clients hosting distinguished international visitors.

Our in-house team of cross-cultural and protocol experts assist with the coordination of interpretation and translation services, menu planning, flag etiquette, titles and forms of address, floral and décor and budget planning. We provide travel support, such as assistance at airports for arrivals and departures, customs clearances, hotel room blocks and ground transportation.

Our international clients include Embassies, foreign and domestic corporations, non-profits and international organizations. We provide all JSG services and destination logistics overseas as well, working with the foreign vendors to ensure seamless event management. We work with countries all over the globe and have managed events on four continents, including events in Austria, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Rwanda, and the Caribbean. Some recent projects include: The Halifax International Security Forum, The Susan G. Komen All China Women’s Federation, US-China Investment Week, Rodale Publishing, and the opening of the Women for Women International Women’s Opportunity Center in Rwanda.


Picture of international associates